Sales Funnel - Tromsø Visitors Showcase

Tromsø Visitors

Full Sales funnel with webinar

What we did

The project consists on driving cold audiences into booking a session with the client. Filling up the clients calendar with hot-ready-to-buy leads eager to hear about their topic. 

  1. Value content PDF
  2. Website conversion package (Opt-in, Landing Page, Long Form)
  3. Email Sequence (12 emails)
  4. Calendar Connection
  5. Facebook Campaigns (3) & Ads (12)
  6. Funnel Framework and Optimisation
Sales Funnel - Tromsø Visitors Showcase
Website Conversion Package

Opt-in page where the audience gives their contact information in exchange from the free value offer content. 

Landing Page where they can see what the client offered for a free consultation.

Long Form Page where the user can book a free consultation with the client.

Calendar Integration where the user booked a time with the client. 

Sales Funnel - Tromsø Visitors Showcase
High Value Content Offer

We created content adequate for their audience, through research and adequate information we generate the ideal leads who will suit with the sales proposition. Connecting the client with their hidden potential buyers. 

We created for the client a twelve pages pdf with valuable information for their target audience. Focusing on what their product can make for their audience, benefits and features but also concern on creating something valuable for the potential buyer. 

The content is a representation of the brand, so we take good care on creating high value content to offer their potential buyers. 



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